Was I misdiagnosed by an emergency dentist?

I saw an emergency dentist a couple of days ago and am very upset. A little over a year, it was suggested I get a filling, and I have been putting it off. I mentioned this to the emergency dentist but added that the tooth next to that tooth was the one giving me the […]

Why is my tooth turning gray after I went to an emergency dentist?

Several weeks ago, I visited an emergency dentist because of an intense toothache. After his assessment, he concluded my tooth was fine, but it did have a small crack in it. He later placed a new crown, and, although the pain was better, it was not gone. The dentist suggested that I would need a […]

Is this a dental emergency?

My tooth has been hurting on and off for a while. Is this something I need to see a dentist about? It always goes away. Dennie R. – New Mexico Dennie, This isn’t a dental emergency right now, but it can become one quickly. It’s possible that the nerve of your tooth is dying.  You may […]