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A True Mercury-free Dentist

Did you know that silver fillings actually contain more mercury than silver? To be more specific, almagam or what is commonly known as a silver filling contains up to 50% mercury.

As a mercury-free dentist, we recommend white composite fillings versus the more traditional silver fillings. Not only does the white filling provide the most natural look, the bond actually strengthens the tooth, and most importantly they are mercury-free.

Pictured to the right is an almagam filling, also known as a silver filling. Here we see the aesthetically pleasing white composite filling done by a mercury-free dentist.

Composite Fillings are Mercury-free

The general public feels that there are potential safety concerns when “silver fillings” or almalgam fillings are placed in the mouth. The reference to silver is a bit misleading, since almalgam fillings contain more mercury in them than silver.

White composite fillings represent a more advanced dental technology when compared to the traditional silver fillings. You are in the majority if you opt for white composite. As a mercury-free dentist, we share your sentiment.

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At Vista Dorada, we provide a complete range of general and cosmetic dentistry services for adults and children. We offer cutting-edge technology to ensure the best dental care in a safe environment.

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Safe and Affordable Dental Checkups

Did you know it’s a must to have a dental check after every 6 months? The time can vary depending on the health of your teeth and gums. If you are looking for a safe, comfortable, and convenient place for dental checkups, Vista Dorada is here to help with their team of qualified dental specialists.

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“I couldn’t have asked for a better dental experience. I broke an old crown and Dr Roper was able to get me right in for a new crown. Totally painless experience and left his office with a perfectly fitting crown.”

— Steven .

“It was wonderful everyone was so nice and the doctor is such a professional and an obviously highly skilled dentist”

— John .

“That was the best appointment at a dentist I ever had. Very informative felt really good about the cleaning I got. Dentist very nice would definitely go back and recommend.”

— Maria.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Most people do not know the fact that mercury is primarily used in dentistry. They are surprised to learn that silver amalgam fillings are mainly composed of more than half mercury. Mercury-free dentists are always concerned about the effects of the filling that comprise mercury but they do not use them in their everyday practice.
Yes. According to scientific facts and exhaustive evidence, mercury is toxic to human beings. More than 116 physical symptoms have been documented as attributable to exposure to mercury. Mercury affects your organs virtually and the overall system of your body.
Mercury-free fillings like composite resin material as well as ceramic porcelain are bonded to the teeth directly. Composite and porcelain fillings are not even sensitive to temperature, and they don’t cause any risk of corrosion as metal fillings do. Mercury-free fillings are more biocompatible and comfortable, and they last for decades if you take good care of your oral health.
Of course. Mercury-free dentistry is 100% safe for all that gives your teeth a more natural appearance and strengthens them as well.

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