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High Tech Laser Dentistry

We offer one of the latest technological advances in dentistry, the dental laser. This precise technique uses energy in the form of light for many dental procedures. It allows dentists an effective way to treat a targeted area while limiting exposure to surrounding tissues.

The laser is delivered in different wavelengths to the site to absorb light, while at the same time reflecting different wavelengths.

Typical laser dentistry treatments include placing dental fillings or tooth preparation, gum or soft tissue treatments, better viewing of teeth and gums, as well as speeding up bleaching processes during teeth whitening. This technology provides our dentists with more accuracy and control when compared to traditional dentistry techniques.

There are many benefits with laser dentistry:

  • No stitches or sutures for soft tissue dental procedures.
  • Anesthesia is not required for many laser techniques.
  • Wounds or targeted areas heal faster.
  • Bleeding and bacteria infections are minimized.
  • There is no damage to the surrounding tissue.
  • Procedures tend to me more comfortable for the patient.

Patients will benefit from early cavity detection with our laser dentistry DIAGNOdent machine.

DIAGNOdent diagnostic laser

Our dentists also utilize the DIAGNOdent diagnostic laser. This hand-held, safe, and pain-free laser technology detects cavities when they are very small. Ultimately, these cavities may never need to be filled. If caught early enough, the tooth may be restored more cost-effectively using a sealant, hygiene, or fluoride treatment.

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At Vista Dorada, we provide a complete range of general and cosmetic dentistry services for adults and children. We offer cutting-edge technology to ensure the best dental care in a safe environment.

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Safe and Affordable Dental Checkups

Did you know it’s a must to have a dental check after every 6 months? The time can vary depending on the health of your teeth and gums. If you are looking for a safe, comfortable, and convenient place for dental checkups, Vista Dorada is here to help with their team of qualified dental specialists.

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— Nancy.

“Excellent service my hygienist was very caring and knowledgeable.The dentist was very professional and informative.

— Joe.

“I have been coming to Vista Dorada Dental for years and as always myself and my two daughters had awsome appointments. Thank you to the wonderful staff!!!”

— Kelly .

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, it is 100% safe. Laser dentistry is an extremely advanced technology, and our dentists use various types of modern lasers for different procedures which ensure patients’ safety and comfort.

Most of the time, no! Laser dentistry doesn’t involve any kind of physical contact with your mouth’s tissues, so patients do not require any numbing agents.

At Vista Dorada, we use high-tech lasers to deliver energy at several wavelengths into patients’ gums and teeth. It targets their enamel, tooth decay, or other gum tissue. After that, the laser removes several small layers of tooth or gum, while preserving the integrity of all your underlying tissues.

No. Laser dentistry is suitable for people of all ages. Adults generally go to dentists more often, and they always prefer laser dentistry so they can get relief soon using a more advanced method.

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