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The world’s most advanced teeth straightening system

Straighten your teeth in less than a year with Gilbert Invisalign. This invisible braces system uses clear aligners to correct your teeth instead of the dreaded wire and brackets. Take advantage of the latest in computer technology to precisely and efficiently move your teeth. On average, patients enjoy results within twelve months and in some cases it is even closer to six.

The Proven Method

To begin, our dentist will perform a routine exam to make sure this method is appropriate for you. Then, you can expect the following:

Detailed impressions of your teeth will be taken.

  • The Invisalign laboratory will generate clear aligners designed uniquely for you.
  • When you receive your first set, simply snap them in place.
  • At first the aligners will feel tight and over the next several days your teeth will begin to reposition.
  • After two weeks, you get new aligners and repeat this process until the desired results are achieved.
  • Expect to visit the office every four to six weeks so the dentist can make sure everything is functioning properly.

Benefits of Gilbert Invisalign

You can be confident that no one will ever know you are wearing Invisalign because they truly are invisible. Another great feature is that they are removable so you can continue to eat, drink, brush, and floss normally. Since you no longer have to put up with those irritating wire braces, many patients value comfort.

Ultimately, this innovative system has been clinically proven to straighten your teeth giving you a beautiful smile in half the time as conventional braces.

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At Vista Dorada, we provide a complete range of general and cosmetic dentistry services for adults and children. We offer cutting-edge technology to ensure the best dental care in a safe environment.

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Did you know it’s a must to have a dental check after every 6 months? The time can vary depending on the health of your teeth and gums. If you are looking for a safe, comfortable, and convenient place for dental checkups, Vista Dorada is here to help with their team of qualified dental specialists.

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“I am so pleased that I found this dentist office! This dentist office has caring and compassionate people that work here and I really really appreciate that! The dentist fixed the chip in my tooth and it looks wonderful! Thank you so much!”

— Lynn.

“Love everything about Vista Dorado Dental. The staff and dentist are always friendly and helpful. I highly recommend them!”

— Jessica .

“Front tooth repair gave way. Even though I was a new patient they saw me in less than 48 hours. Friendly staff & my tooth looks great!”

— Tim M.

Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? We’re ready to help. Give us a call at 480-963-9900 or book your free consultation now.

Yes! Invisalign is an ideal treatment for both adults and teens. It’s like a virtually invisible method for an improved and whitened smile. The innovative technology has made it possible to fix your teeth-straightening as well as different bite issues, from minor to major without even interrupting your busy life.

Invisalign is a process of wearing removable aligners that allow you to straighten your teeth in a short time. There are no wires and no brackets, and even no restrictions that you usually face with metal braces. This makes Invisalign the best solution for perfectly straightened teeth.

Invisalign offers plenty of benefits. You can wear clean and virtually invisible aligners that nobody can ever notice. You can also remove them easily while eating and drinking, brushing, and flossing. Like metal brackets or wires, the Invisalign never irritates your mouth or causes any pain.

No. Invisalign aligners are not virtually visible. So, nobody can notice when you are wearing them. This means, your life won’t get affected in any way. And you can do all the regular tasks without any worries.

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