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How to manage dental anxiety

Have you ever had sweaty palms, got dizzy, or even felt faint during a dental appointment? Dental anxiety is a very common issue. Our dentists care about your comfort and we do our best to create a warm and calming atmosphere. First and foremost, we will listen and address your concerns to find out if a simple distraction will ease your anxiousness. In every exam room we have a second monitor that can display video, dvds, or internet radio. If you feel like you may have a more serious case of dental anxiety you may be a candidate for sedation dentistry. Nitrous oxide and oral sedation are great options for patients that have had a negative dental experience.

Treating Gilbert Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a serious concern and ultimately we want to get to know you to better understand your past experiences. We will often start by simply asking what your previous dental experiences have been like and encourage you to share anything that may have been difficult or even traumatizing. Together we can figure out how to create the most positive and relaxing environment for you.

Once we get started, if you are uncomfortable or feel anxious at any time, we can stop immediately. This way we can better understand what you are feeling and determine what makes sense for moving forward. We think communication is key to providing the best dental experience possible.

We know it may take several appointments to earn your trust, but we will take the time required to ease your dental anxiety.

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Our friendly and caring staff will visit with you to determine the best option to effectively relieve your fear.

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At Vista Dorada, we provide a complete range of general and cosmetic dentistry services for adults and children. We offer cutting-edge technology to ensure the best dental care in a safe environment.

Our team goes above & beyond to ensure that you are happy and comfortable with our treatment. So, if you want the best treatment for dental anxiety, let’s schedule your appointment today with one of our qualified specialists.

Safe and Affordable Dental Checkups

Did you know it’s a must to have a dental check after every 6 months? The time can vary depending on the health of your teeth and gums. If you are looking for a safe, comfortable, and convenient place for dental checkups, Vista Dorada is here to help with their team of qualified dental specialists.

Vista Dorada Dental is a Top-Rated Anxiety Specialist

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“I was taken in for treatment at the time scheduled—no waiting! Dr. Roper and his assistant completed the adjustment process perfectly, with no issues. Since I have been home I have had no problems. I am very impressed with the treatment I receive at Vista Dorado—from check in to completion of the appointment.”

— Steve.

“I was seen on an emergency basis to correct a misaligned temporary crown applied by another dental facility. The staff was friendly and took care of the problem immediately. From what a saw during a brief visit, I would use them again without hesitation.”

— Brad.

“Very professional and caring. Best hygienist ever! Dr. McLaws preformed my examination and discussed the issues with me such that I understood. Answered all my questions and made sure I was taken care of.”

— Aliza.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Dental anxiety can affect people of every age. From people who have a terrible experience with dentists and children who are scared of dental procedures to adults who are afraid of visiting a dentist, any person can suffer from dental anxiety.

Yes, it is. According to the American Dental Association, more than 75% of Americans suffer from some type of fear before undergoing complex dental procedures that cause pain and they decide to never visit a dentist again. However, when you visit the dentists of Vista Dorada, your opinions will change. Your fears will be removed and you won’t suffer from any dental anxiety because our dentists are very professional, friendly, caring, and know how to do their job.

There are lots of things that cause dental anxiety. But mainly, people are afraid to avoid the dentist because of the poor experience they had before. they suffered from terrible toothache, and their dentist made it worse due to his in-expertise.

Yes. Some common symptoms of dental anxiety are, nervousness, physical illness, trouble sleeping at night, feelings of pain and trauma, and trouble breathing.

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