Will Dental Implants Trigger My Allergies?

Hello there, I am interested in dental implants to restore my smile. The years have not been easy on my teeth. While a dental implant is a little outside my price range at the moment, I have a more pressing concern. I have a severe allergy to metal. I cannot even wear metallic accessories or […]

Are affordable dental implants equally good?

There are several dentists in my area that do dental implants. One of them is way more affordable than the others. I mean seriously more affordable. I was about to take the plunge, but decided I should get an opinon from a dentist out of my area first. Lisa A. – Maine Lisa, When you […]

I can’t afford all the work I need done

I grew up with a difficult childhood and dental care wasn’t a regular part of my life until after high school. At 27 years old my teeth show it. My dental flipper just broke and I already have over $2o,000 in work that needs to be done. I simply can’t afford it. But I really […]