I Can Smell My Husband’s Dental Implants

My husband just received six dental implants for his implant overdenture. He is currently wearing a temporary acrylic denture while we have the porcelain ones made. The big problem is that I can literally smell his dental implants and it is making me gag. It almost smells like vomit. I’ve even had to start sleeping […]

Blade Implant question

I’m trying to decide on the type of implant to get. Should I get a blade implant or a screw implant? Sara G.- Ogden, UT Sara, Blade implants are often used when there is not enough jaw bone for a traditional dental implant. The look a little like an inverted pic ax. These type of […]

Will medical insurance cover implants?

I need to get some upper teeth replaced. I tried a partial dental plate, but it was almost impossible for me. I kept gagging and it was to trying to eat with. Because of that I was wondering if my medical insurance will cover getting dental implants. I think it would be much easier to […]

Will Snap-on Smile Work With Missing Teeth?

I am missing several teeth and I was wondering how many teeth are required for a Snap-on Smile? – Dana in Texas Dana, There are several different factors involved that will vary from person to person for a Snap-on Smile. It is difficult to estimate an exact number of teeth required, but theoretically you may […]

Will dental implants be covered by medical insurance?

I am not in the best dental health and have many problems with my upper teeth. I’m missing three in the back and have a bridge that is over 30 years old. It’s time to have my upper teeth replaced and I would like to get denture implants. I also have issues with periodontal disease […]