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What should I do if my CEREC crown broke?

Two weeks ago, I had a CEREC crown done. I was recently eating, when I felt something come loose in my mouth. I came to find out this crown had broken in half. The dentist offered to fix the crown free of charge. While I was thankful for this, I wanted to know why this […]

CEREC Crowns and Teeth Grinding

My husband says I’m just finding excuses because I’m afraid of the dentist, but I think it’s a legitimate concern. I’m scheduled to get a CEREC crown next week. But, the more I think about it, I think it won’t hold up with nighttime grinding the way my normal teeth do. Am I right? Cecelia […]

Can CEREC crowns be made to look like vampire teeth?

My girlfriend is a huge fan of Twilight.  I’m going to propose to her despite this one very obvious fault.  As a sign of my undying (get it?) devotion, I want to get crowns put on my teeth that look like vampire teeth. Will CEREC crowns do this? I want to spend as little time […]

Rough crown

I had a cerec crown put in and on the follow up visit my dentist accidentally damaged it. he said that wouldn’t be a problem because he saved everything on the computer and could just make another one and gave me a temp crown. the problem is the new crown seems rough. i think i […]

Crown keeps falling off

I had an all porcelain crown placed about five years ago. Since then it has fallen out at least three times, that I can recall. My dentist has always re-cemented them for free. However, this last time, I didn’t realize it had fallen out while I was eating. I bit down again and shattered most […]