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Store bought fillings

About a year ago I saw some store bought fillings at the pharmacy. I filed it away for future reference. Last night, one of my fillings fell out. I’m trying to leave town to pick up my son from college and don’t have time for a dental appointment. Can I just use the stuff from the store?

Amanda L. – Iowa


If at all possible I’d call an emergency dentist and see if he can fit you in right now.  Sometimes they can.  If not, you can use the store bought filling, but not for more than a day or two at the most.

It doesn’t do what a real filling will do. Plus, there is an underlying issue that has caused your filling to fail. That needs to be dealt with or you could end up with a more serious situation.

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Child scared of the dentist

My nine year old daughter had a bad experience at the dentist last year. Since then, she hasn’t wanted to go.  In fact, she’s terrified.  Is there a way to help children with this?

Elaine D. –  South Dakota


What will help her the most is a series of good experiences at the dentist, but I realize you have to get her there calmly first.  There is sedation dentistry. It is safe for children.

There are different levels of sedation: nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral conscious sedation,  and IV sedation.  I would discuss what is going on with your dentist and decide which option is better. If he’s not compassionate with your daughter’s fear, then you need to find a different dentist.

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My dentist made me cry

I had the worst dental appointment.  I need to have several teeth removed.  My dentist said I need to have dental implants put in, but I just can’t afford it. My dentist essentially told me that if I cared about my teeth I’d get the implants because they are the best treatment. He made me feel stupid. He also hinted that I wouldn’t look as attractive. I’ll be honest, when I got home I broke down and cried. What woman wants to be less attractive? I just can’t afford it.

Cyndy- Bartlett, TN


I’m having trouble  not getting angry at your dentist and I’ve not even met him. Let me just say to get it out before we discuss your case, that I believe he is being unethical and manipulative.

I really hope, but am doubting, that your dentist gave you all your options. Yes, dental implants are the ideal solution, but they’re the only option.  The last thing your dentist should be doing is making you feel guilty about needing a more affordable dental option. He certainly shouldn’t be making comments about your appearance.

If he was any good at his job, he could make your smile beautiful no matter what procedure you chose.

You could also look into dental bridges or removable partial dentures as very viable options to dental implants. If you feel like you can communicate with your dentist, I’d discuss those options with him. However, I would be more inclined to tell you to find a less manipulative dentist.

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Do I need to switch dentists to get a CEREC crown?

My sister says CEREC crowns are superior to other types of dental crowns. My dentist says he doesn’t do CEREC crowns. Do I need to switch dentists? Are they that superior? I’ve always felt satisfied with my denitst before.

Alamander O. – Florida


I don’t think getting or not getting a CEREC crown is something to switch dentists over, especially if you’ve been happy with your dentist’s work in general. The only immediate benefit to getting a CEREC crown is you save yourself an appointment.  CEREC crowns do not have to be sent off to a lab for completion. Instead, it is milled in-house by a computer, so you get your dental crown in just one appointment.

If you’re happy with  your dentist, I’m assuming that means either a) he’s both skilled and artistic. That is what will matter when it comes to deciding about what dentist does your crown.

If he does a great job and you have always felt that your dental work looked natural, then I think it would be a mistake to switch. You could ask your dentist if he’s every going to get  a machine that mills CEREC crowns, but don’t make that your priority.

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I want to get knocked out for dental work

I need a significant amount of dental work done. I was hoping that I could get knocked out to have it done. Is that possible? Like anesthesia?

Bennie B. – Oregon


While it is possible to get anesthesia, you have a much more affordable option. I suggest you look for a sedation dentist who performs IV sedation.

This is a little different from anesthesia. Think of it as conscious sedation. You’ll still feel “knocked out”, but you’ll retain all your reflexes and muscle control.

Most patients who do IV sedation don’t even remember the appointment. The additional benefit is it will be significantly cheaper.

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Is this disadvantage about cerec crowns true?

I want to get a cerec crown, but my mother says they don’t look as natural as other crowns. Is that true?

Tasha Y. – Detroit


In many cases mother knows best, but this isn’t one of them.  The only difference between a beautiful crown and an ugly crown is the skill  and artistry of the dentist.

CEREC crowns are milled from porcelain just like a regular dental crown, so they have the same beautiful characteristics. It’s up to your dentist to develop the color and variations in the crown.

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Persistent Pain With CEREC Crowns

I had my first cerec crown. Now I have pain every time I bite down. I wnet back and my dentist shaved it–twice, but I still have the same problem.  Is it because it is a cerec crown or is there something else wrong?

Sammie M- Boston, MA


The problem is not the crown. In fact, CEREC crowns are generally more accurately placed because they are milled from a computer.  There are generally two reasons for pain with a crown.  One is that the crown is too high. I don’t think that is the problem, your dentist has already shaved it twice.

The second possible reason for the pain is infection.  I would have the tooth x-rayed to see if there is an infection. They can be a little tricky to see sometimes.  Because you’ve been in so much pain and your dentist wasn’t quick enough to figure out it could be an infection, I suggest you go to a root canal specialist.

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Should I have brought my son in?

Yesterday my son got kicked in the mouth at school. It knocked out one of his teeth.  The school didn’t tell me about it until later, which really angered me.  I would have wanted to come up and check on him.  By the time I found out about it, he was fine, so I decided just to let it alone.  Now I’m sitting at home wondering if I should have brought my son in to the dentist to have him checked out?  Did I do the wrong thing?

Yvette L.- Seattle


I am assuming were talking about a baby tooth and not an adult tooth, right?  If it is a baby tooth and there doesn’t seem to be any trauma, then you’re probably fine.  It wouldn’t hurt to get him looked at, but it is certainly not a dental emergency. Little children’s teeth don’t really have roots, so there isn’t generally trauma when one gets banged out prematurely.

If it was an adult tooth, then he would have needed to be seen right away to have any chance of saving the tooth.  Those roots go deep. You would have wanted to keep it moist by putting it in a glass of milk or if that isn’t available, you could put it in your mouth by your cheek. 

This blog is brought to you by Gilbert Dentist Dr. Matt Roper.

Do CEREC crowns have to be a certain color?

I got a CEREC crown a few weeks ago. I was very excited about the idea of getting it all done in one appointment. However, I was quite disappointed in the color. It doesn’t match my teeth very well at all with my natural teeth. My dentist says that is what they have to look like. That doesn’t seem right to me. In fact, it seems like a technological step back. Is he correct?

Illyia K- Santa Clarita, CA


Your intuition is correct. CEREC technology can make any color you want. No one would put up with crowns that don’t match, no matter how fast it could be made. The technology would be uselessEither your dentist is lying or incompetent.  It’s possible he doesn’t know much about color matching and he just did the best he could.

My suggestion is that you ask him for a refund and go to another dentist to have your crown done.  Even with advanced technology you have to have a dentist that is skilled in cosmetic dentistry. A CEREC crown will look gorgeous if it is done correctly. The porcelain matches the natural translucency of your teeth.

This blog is brought to you by Gilbert Dentist Dr. Matt Roper.

Can I get all my teeth pulled?

I absolutely hate going to the dentist. Like HATE it. Every time I go in, he causes me more pain than I was in when I got there. Do you think the dentist will just take out all my teeth and give me dentures? I think it will solve a lot of problems.

Elizabeth M. – Tennessee


You may find a dentist willing to do that, but I don’t think it will solve your dental problems. Instead you will find every day difficult, instead of just dental visits.   Even the best dentures drop your chewing efficiency to about twenty percent.

Plus, they are uncomfortable and will eventually start to slip and slide because your jawbone decreases the longer you wear them.  Your other option would be to spend thousands and thousands of dollars getting dental implants. That will solve many of the above mentioned problems, but they’re still not the same as having your own teeth. Plus, it will require surgery and months of healing.

There is a simple solution to your problem. Have you considered sedation dentistry?  That will enable you to get your teeth worked on in a pain free way. It will also allow your dentist to do more work in one sitting. It will let you catch up on any dental work you’ve neglected out of fear.

This blog is brought to you by Gilbert Dentist Dr. Matt Roper.