Do CEREC crowns have to be a certain color?

I got a CEREC crown a few weeks ago. I was very excited about the idea of getting it all done in one appointment. However, I was quite disappointed in the color. It doesn’t match my teeth very well at all with my natural teeth. My dentist says that is what they have to look like. That doesn’t seem right to me. In fact, it seems like a technological step back. Is he correct?

Illyia K- Santa Clarita, CA


Your intuition is correct. CEREC technology can make any color you want. No one would put up with crowns that don’t match, no matter how fast it could be made. The technology would be uselessEither your dentist is lying or incompetent.  It’s possible he doesn’t know much about color matching and he just did the best he could.

My suggestion is that you ask him for a refund and go to another dentist to have your crown done.  Even with advanced technology you have to have a dentist that is skilled in cosmetic dentistry. A CEREC crown will look gorgeous if it is done correctly. The porcelain matches the natural translucency of your teeth.

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