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Should I replace silver fillings even if they are fine?

We just moved to a new town and I had my first checkup with a new dentist. I have some older silver fillings in my mouth and this new dentist was talking to me about replacing all of them with white fillings. They have never bothered me, but now I’ve been researching and wondering if I should do it. What do you think?

Allie, Charlottesville

Dear Allie,

There are situations when dentists recommend replacing silver or mercury fillings.

When should you replace silver or mercury fillings?

If the fillings start to leak, bacteria can get under them and lead to tooth decay. Sometimes those fillings will corrode. Sometimes they deteriorate or crack and have to be replaced. If your fillings are falling into one of these categories and there is something wrong with them, it may be worth considering.  Especially if your filling is leaking, that needs to be replaced.

It’s not cheap to replace your silver fillings with white fillings, though. If you are interested in replacing your old fillings because you like the look of it, that’s your choice to spend the money on them. If there is nothing wrong with your current fillings, though, it just comes down to what you prefer.

Most dentists, especially seeing a patient for the first time, will mention silver fillings, and the option to fill them with white amalgam. It let’s the patient know that option is available. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is necessary.

If your dentist spoke to you about your fillings because there is a problem, you could speak to the dentist about having just that one tooth fixed, or if you want to pay for all of them to be white, that’s your choice. There’s no rush to fix all of them.

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Sensitive composite filling

I had some composite fillings placed on my teeth. I’m not having pain or sensitivity. But, one of the fillings feels a little uncomfortable when it is pressed. My dentist has already replaced it once.  Does he need to do it again?

Sylvia- Alaska


Though I couldn’t be certain without seeing your tooth myself, I really don’t think you have anything you worry about. It is not uncommon for there to be some sensitivity to your white fillings for several days.

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Fillings without mercury

Hi, I have to get my first filling. My dentist wants to do one of those silver ones that has mercury in them. I really don’t want any mercury in my body. My friend Dana said there are white ones that don’t have any mercury in them. Where can I find those?

Thanks for the help, Jennie.


You are wanting what is called a composite filling. However, don’t push your dentist to do a filling he is not comfortable with. He is probably pushing the amalgam filling because that is what he is comfortable with. If you pressure him to do another kind you won’t be happy with the results, because he won’t have adequate training on how to place them.

My recommendation is that you do a search for a mercury-free dentist. They will be very confident placing composite fillings.

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Pain with white fillings

I had a white filling placed almost five months ago. A month ago I went back in to have it smoothed out because my floss kept getting caught on it. Since then I’ve been getting this horrible pain whenever I take a bite. I went back in to have it x-rayed. My dentist didn’t see anything and thinks it is just post-operative pain. The problem is I can’t eat anything. What do I do? The pain is getting worse.

Anthony S.- New Mexico


I would go see an endodontist. If this were just post-operative soreness, your pain would be getting better–not worse. When pain progresses instead of lessening, that is generally a sign there is an infection somewhere and a root canal treatment is in order. Take the x-rays your dentist already took. An endodontist might be able to see an infection that your dentist didn’t see.

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