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My crowns are ugly

Quite awhile ago, like 20 years or so, I had porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns placed on my front teeth. I hate the dark line that is evident when I smile. Do you know if anything can be done to improve their appearance or change this? I have a big smile and it really bothers me. Would Lumineers work? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

– Carolyn in California


It is possible to get that beautiful smile you are hoping for without the dark lines. For an expert cosmetic dentist, the treatment is relatively simple. A general dentist does not have the artistic ability required to make this transformation beautiful. An experienced cosmetic dentist can place crowns made of all porcelain. There is no metal in them, so they will look just like your natural teeth.

I hope this information was helpful.

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Lumineers and tooth sensitivity

I was wondering if getting Lumineers will help with how sensitive my teeth are? I have struggled with my general physical health because my teeth have affected what I can eat and drink. I feel like Lumineers are my last chance to get my body back on track. I have tried many different things but my teeth hinder me in so many ways. I have high Ph and my teeth are very sensitive.

– Bryce in Nebraska

Dear Bryce,

The good news is that many tooth sensitivities can be treated with Lumineers or other brands of porcelain veneers. First thing is first, you need to find an expert cosmetic dentist that truly understands these types of sensitivities. Your situation needs to be adequately analyzed so that the source or sources of your irritation are pin-pointed.

Sometimes a root canal may be needed to address sensitivity prior to placing porcelain veneers. An experienced cosmetic dentist will be able to perform root canals on your front teeth safely and simply. You can have the beautiful smile you deserve without the pain.

There are many reasons you could be victim to tooth sensitivity including fillings that are leaking or have not been sealed properly; a sensitive spot on the gum line; a misalignment in your bite; tooth decay; tooth grinding; or other reasons.

That is why it is important to have a thorough exam by a cosmetic dentist that knows what they are doing. You won’t want to go ahead with your smile makeover until you are confident that you know exactly what is causing your tooth sensitivity.

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Can Lumineers make my teeth bigger and longer?

I have a straight smile without any gaps between my teeth. I do have a bit of discoloration as I’ve gotten older. I really want my teeth to be bigger and longer. My dentist recommended Lumineers and I have already had the initial impressions taken. When they came back from the lab, apparently they said that they could have them whitened, just couldn’t do anything to make them bigger or longer. This was not the original impression I had from their brochure or from my dentist. The before and after pictures they show make it look like they can be bigger. I’ve already invested in two appointments. Do you have any recommendations?

-Connie in Ohio

Dear Connie,

Based on what you have described, you should proceed with caution. Unfortunately it doesn’t sound as if your dentist knows exactly what is going on or what can be done with Lumineers.

The laboratory shouldn’t be telling the dentist that they can’t be made any different shape or size. It should be the other way around where the dentist orders the look and type you request.

Unfortunately, it sounds like your dentist may not be that experienced with Lumineers or smile makeovers. It may be time to seek a second opinion from a cosmetic dentist. There are many things that can be done with Lumineers and porcelain veneers to manipulate the shape, size, translucency, and color. Sounds like it’s time to move on and seek an expert opinion. Best of luck!

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