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I Can Smell My Husband’s Dental Implants

My husband just received six dental implants for his implant overdenture. He is currently wearing a temporary acrylic denture while we have the porcelain ones made. The big problem is that I can literally smell his dental implants and it is making me gag. It almost smells like vomit. I’ve even had to start sleeping on the couch. I would like him to trade out the metal implants he has for the metal-free zirconia implants, but his dentist says there is no way what I am smelling is his implants. I think this dentist just does not want to admit the metal implants are outdated because he does not offer the zirconia ones and we’d have to go elsewhere to get them replaced. What can I tell my husband that will help him understand how far superior the newer ones are so he will be willing to replace them?


Dear Jade,

metal and zircomia dental implants

I can sense you are frustrated. The truth is, while there is something causing that smell, I don’t believe it is his dental implants. Titanium is inert, so it will not have a smell. I bet if you asked his dentist to allow you to smell one that he has in his office, he would let you. My guess is the smell is coming from something not getting completely cleaned out of his acrylic dentures. He’s probably got some food or bacteria trapped in there. There are a couple of options for dealing with this. He can get something like a Waterpik that will help him get more of the food out. He can also rinse with peroxide, which kills bacteria and debris. I do not recommend using the peroxide more than that or he could get a yeast infection. The peroxide will not distinguish between good and bad bacteria.

I also don’t think you want him to replace your husband’s dental implants unnecessarily. Here’s why. The implants will have to be surgically removed. When they are removed, they will take some bone structure with them. In order to replace them with new implants, he’ll need to first get new bone grafted into that area with a bone grafting procedure. Then, after that heals, he will need another surgery to have new implants placed. Then, another waiting period for the osseointegration to take place and finally his dentures.

That is a lot of unnecessary extra surgeries for your husband. Plus, you take a huge risk of the second group of implants not being successful. These are working. Get to the real cause of the smell and don’t go through all those unnecessary procedures.

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Blade Implant question

I’m trying to decide on the type of implant to get. Should I get a blade implant or a screw implant?

Sara G.- Ogden, UT


Blade implants are often used when there is not enough jaw bone for a traditional dental implant. The look a little like an inverted pic ax. These type of implants have about a 50% success rate.

You should have been made aware of a bone grafting procedure that can be done to enable you to have the more stable implant procedure done. This builds up your bone, so that a full-sized implant can be placed, giving you a higher chance of success.

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Will medical insurance cover implants?

I need to get some upper teeth replaced. I tried a partial dental plate, but it was almost impossible for me. I kept gagging and it was to trying to eat with. Because of that I was wondering if my medical insurance will cover getting dental implants. I think it would be much easier to deal with.

Stephanie B.- Lansing, MI


Generally, medical insurance has a dental work exclusion in it.¬†Occasionally, you’ll get it to cover dental work that happens as a result of an accident. In order to get any coverage for dental implants, you’ll have to turn to your dental insurance.

I hope this helps.

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Will Snap-on Smile Work With Missing Teeth?

I am missing several teeth and I was wondering how many teeth are required for a Snap-on Smile?

– Dana in Texas


There are several different factors involved that will vary from person to person for a Snap-on Smile.

It is difficult to estimate an exact number of teeth required, but theoretically you may be able to support the appliance with as little as two teeth per arch. If those two teeth were angled in just a way that the Snap-on Smile was able to snap over them. The issue here is that the appliance may end up placing additional stress on these two teeth. So another factor to consider is what two teeth they are. It is difficult to provide a specific answer without having actually seen your case and knowing how many teeth you are missing.

The Snap-on Smile is a temporary solution for a straight, white smile. Depending on how many teeth you are missing, you may have other issues to deal with. When you are missing teeth your body resorbs the bone and minerals to be used elsewhere in the body. So you may have some additional shifting or even jawbone loss if you are missing a lot of teeth. Dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth. Or a dental bridge or partial denture may be options, again depending on what teeth you are missing.

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Will dental implants be covered by medical insurance?

I am not in the best dental health and have many problems with my upper teeth. I’m missing three in the back and have a bridge that is over 30 years old. It’s time to have my upper teeth replaced and I would like to get denture implants.

I also have issues with periodontal disease and am required to get scaling / root planing twice a year. I tried a partial dental plate and didn’t like it. It was very uncomfortable, I had difficulty eating, and it made me gag.

I was wondering if my medical insurance will help pay for the dental implants? I think I need an estimate so it could be considered a medical condition. Also, do you know if implants are routinely covered with under dental insurance?

– Dolores in Oregon

Dear Delores,

There are many advantages of dental implants over partial or complete dentures. With an implant there is no extra hardware in your mouth. This will help with the gagging. Dental implants are the closing thing to having your natural teeth, you can eat and talk normally, and they also prevent a serious condition called facial collapse where your jawbone can shrink over time.

In regard to the medical insurance, it is unlikely dental implants will be covered. Your best bet will be to go through your dental insurance for assistance. It is a common question to inquire if “your teeth are affecting general health.” The expectation is that the medical insurance would help. Unfortunately, a medical insurance contract almost always has an exclusion for all dental issues. If they didn’t, individuals could potentially misuse it even for a simple cavity since it is considered to be an “infection” thus affecting your overall physical health.

Although, medical insurance will very likely cover any dental damage or complications from an accident. For example, if you fell down and broke your tooth off, medical insurance may help.

Lastly, you will need to contact your local dentist for a specific cost estimate.  Total costs vary greatly from each individual case to case. So schedule a consultation with your dentist of choice to obtain a detailed estimate for your budgeting purposes.

Good luck. Hopefully this information was helpful to you.

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