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CEREC Crowns help with dental anxiety

If you are a person who suffers from dental anxiety, and haven’t visited a dentist in quite some time, you may not be aware of CEREC crowns, and how these restorations are are changing dentistry and lives.

CEREC crowns are made in the office

It used to be that a crown could only be done by going into the office for multiple visits. The doctor would removed the decay and/or damage, take impressions, and fit you for a temporary crown in the first visit. Your impressions would then be sent to a dental lab, where your restoration would be created, over a two-week timeframe. While some crowns remain this way, CEREC crowns are different.

Years ago, the only option when you needed to have a crown done was to go into the office for two visits. On the first visit, the doctor would remove the decay or damage on the tooth, build it up if need be, take impressions, and fit you with a temporary. Then, your impressions would get shipped off to a dental lab which would then craft your restoration over a period of two weeks. Some crowns are still this way, but CEREC crowns are different. These crowns are made in the office using CAD/CAM technology and a milling machine, allowing your crown to be created and placed all in one visit, easing the anxiety of a dental patient who may be troubled by the idea of multiple visits to the dental office.

Impressions are taken digitally

Often, people with dental anxiety have strong gag reflexes, or aversions to the impression process. The use of the CAD/CAM technology, allows the impressions to be taken digitally, similar to having a photo taken.

Can be combined with sedation dentistry

Nitrous oxide is a helpful way for patients with mild dental anxiety to feel more relaxed and comfortable. It takes effect quickly, and wears off almost immediately after treatment. For those patients with a more intense dental anxiety, conscious sedation will place you in a deeply relaxed state.

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CEREC crown or lab made crown

Is it better to get a CEREC crown or a traditional crown made in a lab? By better I mean natural looking.

James H. – Alabama


The biggest advantage to CEREC crowns is convenience. You can have  your permanent crown done the same day as your appointment. There will be no need for a temporary crown and return appointment.

The question as to which one is more natural looking, while a good question is asking the wrong thing.  Either crown, traditional and CEREC, can look natural in the hands of a skilled dentist.

An artistic dentist can make just about any crown match your teeth and look stunning.  In the hands of a lesser skilled dentist, it wouldn’t matter what type of materials and / or lab you used. It will look terrible.

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