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What should I do if my CEREC crown broke?

Two weeks ago, I had a CEREC crown done. I was recently eating, when I felt something come loose in my mouth. I came to find out this crown had broken in half. The dentist offered to fix the crown free of charge. While I was thankful for this, I wanted to know why this happened. I want to be sure this was just a fluke circumstance and not an error made by the dentist.


Dear Randi,

While this is quite rare, there are some things that may have hinted that something was “off”, like tooth pain, jaw pain, or if the tooth was connecting first when you bit down.

Another possibility is the way the material handled stress, though it is unlikely that this is the case. However, if this were the case, it is possible there was some sort of defect in the material before use, though this, too, is unlikely.

Another thought is if you grind or clench your teeth, this may be the cause. Each tooth has a different threshold in terms of the amount of force it can withstand. This is why some restorations my break, while others do not. If this occurs during the day, practicing relaxation exercises can help. If it’s taking place at night, a night guard will prevent the grinding.

The majority of crowns can handle this to an extent, so you can’t rule out the material used or a mistake made by the dentist. It’s worth having him redo the procedure. It would be good to see what he thinks is the cause. Dentists have restorations fail from time to time. So long as this is not the norm, and he wants to fix the issue, it sounds like you’re in good hands.

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Can I get a CEREC crown if I ground my teeth?

I had to go to an emergency dentist when my dentist was out of town. I learned two things at that appointment.  1. He said that I need a dental crown. 2. He said I grind my teeth. My regular dentist has never mentioned that before.   I was hoping to get a CEREC crown. Is that possible if I grind my teeth?

May H. – Maryland


I’m glad your emergency dentist caught the grinding, because there can be pretty serious consequences if this isn’t dealt with.  When it comes to a CEREC crown, it is a wonderful restorative. You can get a beautiful, strong crown that looks completely natural.

A CEREC crown will be about as strong as your natural teeth. You will notice, however, that your natural teeth are suffering under the affects of teeth grinding.  You need to protect both your natural and restorative teeth.

It’s likely you don’t know when you’re grinding your teeth. In fact, you probably do it in your sleep, so it’s kind of hard to stop it in that case.

There is a simple solution.  Ask your dentist to fit you for a night guard appliance when you get your crown.  It’s a simple piece that you’ll wear when you sleep. Then you can grind away without hurting your teeth.

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