Problems with a CEREC crown?

I have two crowns in my mouth. One is twelves years old and doing well. The second one, a CEREC crown, I’ve only had for a couple of weeks and it is already giving me trouble. Are CEREC crowns not as stable? Plus, there is some substance that I think is cement around the base of the crown.

Grayson I. – Kansas City


Were both these crowns done by the same dentist?  The reason I ask is that your basic dental crown and CEREC crowns are equally hearty. The thing that generally determines their success is the skill of the dentist combined with the care of the patient.

Because you still have some of the bonding material on your tooth area and crowns I’m thinking the problem is your dentist and not your crown. He needs to remove the cement. It is going to irritate your gums.

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