Lemons for Teeth Whitening

Is it possible to use lemons to whiten your teeth? I read something on a website about this method. Before I tried it, I thought it would be best if I checked with a dentist before I did something I might regret.


Dear Angie,


You were wise to write and ask. It is the citrus acid that is the problem here. A while back I looked into an at-home teeth whitening kit that someone asked me about. It contained a citrus acid rinse that the patient would start with. This would give the tooth a frothy appearance because the acid etches the teeth. Then, they would use a white pigment that they would attach to the teeth. For a short period the teeth would look much whiter. Unfortunately, because the citric acid etches the teeth, they will begin picking up stains fairly quickly and you will end up with teeth that look darker than when you started.

The second problem you will have as a result of using lemons is the damage that the citric acid will do to your enamel. Prolonged usage will thin out your enamel. Not only will this add to tooth sensitivity but will make you more susceptible to tooth decay.

My suggestion is to have your teeth whitening done safely, with a dentist. The materials they used are proven both safe and effictive. Additionally, they use a special tray custom fit to your bite. This will make sure the teeth whitening gel stays on your teeth while simultaneously protecting your gums.

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