Pain with CEREC Crown

I had a cerec crown put in and since then I have had a lot of pain when biting down on this tooth. I’ve been back twice for my dentist to readjust the bite. After the second time when I told him I was still having a problem he said it was because of the way I chew. If that is the case then why didn’t it hurt before I had the crown when I chewed?

Frustrated and in pain.

I can understand your frustration. I don’t believe the pain is from your chewing. In general, there are two main reasons for you to have pain while chewing with a crown.

The first is if the crown is too high. There are a couple of things that make me think this is unlikely. First,  CEREC crowns are milled by a computer which is more precise in its construction, therefore you have less chance of a  poor fit. Secondly, your dentist has already adjusted it twice.

Another possible reason for the pain you are experiencing is you could have an infection. I’d get an x-ray done to eliminate that possibility (though it seems the more likely of the two). However, if you’re not confident in your doctor’s diagnostic ability, then I would go to a root canal specialist to have your x-ray done.

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