Can’t afford to clean my teeth

I’m a young adult, fresh out of college. I need to get my teeth cleaned, but when I called to get a price it was outrageous. Then, I called to get insurance, but it was too much money and every month. I asked my mom to pay for it, but she said I should plan and save up.  How in the world am I supposed to get my teeth cleaned?

Marcus G. – Little Rock, AR


Life is hard for adults, isn’t it? Some dentists are more expensive than others, so I hope you didn’t just hear one really expensive price and give up.  There are more affordable ways to get dental care as well.

Even though you can’t afford the insurance, some dentists have their own in-office plans. These tend to be much more affordable and the fee is annual instead of monthly.

You’ll also get discounts on cleanings and other services in most of them.

Also, don’t hate me, but I agree with your mother.  If you put aside a little every month, you’ll have the money for a cleaning in no time. You don’t want to get in the habit of being dependent on other people to provide for your basic need.

It’s a horrible cycle that few people get out of.

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