Are mercury free fillings hard to learn?

I want to get a white filling that doesn’t have mercury in them. The problem is my dentist told me he doesn’t know how to do them.  Would it be hard to learn? Could you talk him through it in a blog post?

Samantha – Houston


You are fortunate that you have such an honest dentist.  Some would just try to bluff their way through it, which could be a disaster. When these fillings are improperly placed they can cause problems.

While, they are not difficult to learn, they do require some specialized training.  I don’t think walking him through it on a blog would be a safe thing to do. There are plenty of places where he could learn the techique.  Until then, you’ll need somewhere to get a mercury free filing. I’d ask your dentist to recommend someone local, but make it clear to him that you plan on keeping him as your dentist, so he doesn’t feel threatened.

This will be good for your dentist. I can’t imagine not knowing how to place a composite filling in the 21st century.

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