Dentist Won’t Remove My Tooth

I have been having a lot of dental work done. I recently had two root canals done. One of them has never felt quite right. I have a wisdom tooth that is infected and my dentist wants to remove it. I’m all for that. However, I also want to remove the tooth that had the […]

Is My CEREC Crown Causing My Sensitivity?

Hi, My dentist recommended a CEREC crown to replace one of my teeth. This tooth has had issues to sensitivity to hot and cold, and I thought getting a crown would solve this problem. My dentist did not think I needed a root canal. However, after getting my CEREC crown, I’m still having a lot […]

Gum bump with puss

Below my gum there is a pimple kind of bump with puss in it. What should I do? Kevin J. from Philadelphia Kevin, It sounds like you have a fistula. You may have an abscessed tooth. It is common for people to have a tooth infection without realizing it because the infection is draining in […]