Can’t Afford Tooth Care

I have had a decaying wisdom tooth for some time. I just don’t have money for the dentist. Lately, though the pain is going up my cheekbone toward my eye. Because it is not just in my tooth, do you think I could get antibiotics for a doctor for the infection? I have medical insurance, […]

Can’t Afford Pediatric Dentist; Are General Dentists Cheaper?

There are two pediatric clinics in our area. One has a great reputation but is expensive. The other is cheaper and where all the low-income families go (we’re low-income ourselves), but has a horrible reputation and I don’t know a child who likes it. I don’t want to send my son there. Would a general […]

Will an Emergency Dentist Bill a Venue for Me?

I’m in a bind. I’m a college student who grew up in a group home. Once I turned 18 I’ve been pretty much on my own. I went on a date where we went dancing. They had a platform which we were dancing on along with a bunch of other people. Apparently too many people […]

How Do I Get Affordable Dentistry for My Mom?

My mom has been unable to care for herself lately. I’ve taken over her care. Her teeth are in bad shape. Really bad shape. She needs dental care but has no insurance and little money.  I’ve called around but everyone seems to want thousands of dollars up front. IS there any affordable option? Sandy – Texas […]

Affordable Dentistry for Low-Income Patients with a Dental Emergency?

I need to find an affordable dentist for my dad. He is 63 and has a terrible toothache, but he’s also unemployed and on state insurance, which doesn’t provide dental coverage. Obviously, with the unemployment, he can’t really afford to have the tooth fixed, which is terrible. He keeps trying to live with it, thinking […]

Is There An Affordable Tooth Removal?

I had a cavity. I can’t afford a dentist. Now my face is swelling around my tooth with the cavity. Is there a dentist who does cheap tooth removal or a way I can do it myself? Dan Dan, I know you feel you can’t afford a dentist right now, but I want you to […]