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Switching Invisalign dentist

I am an Invisalign patient and every four months I receive retainers. I am very happy with the way Invisalign has straightened my teeth, I am just not happy with my dentist. So I would like to change dentists. Is it possible to continue with my retainers? I don’t feel that I should have to select my dentist due to their certification or affiliation with Invisalign.

-Leah in Texas


There is an ethical obligation by your current dentist to do everything required to ease your transition to another dentist. You should be able to continue with using the retainers through another dentist. You have every right to switch dentists even if you are in the middle of undergoing treatment.

The dental association mandates these ethical standards and even if your current dentist fails to abide, it would not be difficult for a new dentist to create a new retainer. This is even possible without any previous information. The dentist or staff member will make a simple impression to make a model of your teeth, and order it from the laboratory.

Lastly, the new dentist does not have to be certified with Invisalign, although it would be good if that was the case.

Invisalign has a very high patient satisfaction rate, so I’m glad to hear you are happy.

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Did you know you can porcelain veneers is another option to straighten the appearance of teeth.

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