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Root exposure sensitivity

I have a lot of root exposure which has caused quite a bit of sensitivity. None of the sensitive teeth toothpastes are giving any help. Are there any other options?

Allysa W.- Birmingham, AL


Tooth sensitivity is very difficult to deal with. I can list three options for you, but recommend you talk with your dentist about which will be best for you to try.

  • Prescription fluoride rinse: There are two types of fluoride rinses, a sodium based and a stannous based. More patients have expressed getting relief from the stannous based, so I would recommend trying that one first. If after 5-6 weeks you don’t see any improvement you can try something else.
  • Fluoride varnish: This is applied to your root surfaces after your routine dental cleanings. Many patients find relief that lasts several months. It will have to be reapplied at each cleaning.
  • White composite fillings: These can be placed over your exposed root surfaces. You will get immediate relief, but it is considered a last resort option.

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