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Problems with novacain

I have had dental problems my whole life, because novacain doesn’t always work for me. This has caused some really painful dental appointments. After a while I just stopped going. I realize now that I’m older that I made a bad decision, because that has made for a ton of dental issues. I need to get at least five teeth pulled. However, I’ll want to immediately get dental implants. I’m not worried about the implants because I know they’ll knock me out for that. What terrifies me is the pulling. Do I have any other options than novacain?

Brenda P.- from Idaho


Yes, there is a really good solution for you. Many dentists aren’t aware of this, but dental anxiety can lead to Novocaine resistance. I think the anxiety tends to “burn off” the Novocaine. Look for a dentist who uses either nitrous oxide or oral sedatives. The nitrous oxide will relax you enough that the Novocaine will work. An oral sedative will put you in a sleep like state to relax you throughout the appointment. At our office we call this sleep dentistry. Our fearful patients have found this to be a fantastic solution for them.

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