I used to have a great dentist. He was so patient and kind. He knew I am a little anxious about dental work and would slow down when I needed him to and always explained what he was doing.  Well,…he retired. The young fella’ that took over his practice isn’t nearly as patient. In fact, he gets short with me sometimes. He’s made me dread coming.  Is there a way to finding a kind dentist without having to go to a bunch of duds first?

Elizabeth – Denver


We’ve always heard that we have to kiss a few frogs before we find our prince. Fortunately, in the dental world, there are some “code words” that can help you narrow down which frogs to try.

Dentists who value and understand anxious patients generally put something on their website to help patients recognize they’ll feel safe in their office.

When you do a web search, use key words such as “Sedation Dentist” “Sedation Dentistry”, “Gentle Dentist”, and “Cater to Cowards Dentist”.

Any one of these dentists are willing to work with anxious patients.  It doesn’t mean all of them will be a great fit for you personally, but you’ll have a much better chance with them.

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