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Need an affordable option for dentistry

I have a large family with a lot of dental problems. In fact, I don’t think more than two weeks has gone by this year without one child or another needing something done. Honestly, we must have the worst teeth in history. I have a kind dentist. He’s been letting me come in on Fridays, when the office is closed, and clean in exchange for dental care.  This has been great, but I’m pregnant with our 7th child (yes, we’re catholic) and my dentist has told me I need to be on bedrest.  I don’t know what to do. Not only will I need to figure out a way to care for my family from bed, but three of my children need fillings right now. I don’t think I’ll be able to come in and clean.  Do you know of programs that help make dentistry cheaper?

Marissa P. – New Mexico


You’re obviously a good mother. I love that you’ve been so creative in finding ways to deal with expensive dental care for your children.  You must feel a great deal of stress in thinking about how to continue your care of your home and family while on bedrest. Though doctors are trying hard to care for you, their instructions aren’t always practical in the real world.

Each dentist is different in their financial policies.  If you’re looking for affordable options in dentistry, I’d start by telling your dentist exactly what you told me.  He’s worked with you in the past, he’ll probably be willing to work with you now as well.

Some offices, like Dr. Roper’s office, have in-office dental insurance programs that keep your costs down. Others give discounts on certain procedures, like a sale of sorts.

The best practice is open and honest communication.

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