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I can’t afford my teeth

I saved up for what seems like forever to get my teeth cleaned, and now the dentist is telling me that I need a lot of work done.  It’s going to cost thousands.  Would it be better just to get rid of my teeth?

Amanda W. – Louisana


I know you’re frustrated. I know you’re in a panic about the cost, but getting rid of your teeth when it is unneccesary is a bad idea.  You didn’t mention what was wrong with your teeth, but I’m guessing you’re not in pain or you wouldn’t have been saving up just for a cleaning.

Before you do anything, I want you to get a second opinion. I find it hard to believe you need that much work if your teeth haven’t been bothering you.

Next, I want you to understand that, if you do need some work, there are affordable dental care options. Talk to some dentists about your situation. Many of them will be willing to work with you.

Getting rid of your teeth will cause more problems AND be more expensive.  You’ll need to replace your teeth (if you don’t want to live off of mashed potatoes) and that can be very expensive.

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