I woke up with horrible pain radiating around my entire mouth. It’s pulsating up into my head too.  I have a huge audition today. One that can change my life. I can’t afford this pain, especially in my mouth and jaw.  I need some kind of remedy. Will an emergency dentist help?

LeeAnne S. – Florida


A lot of it depends on what kind of dental health you’ve had up until now.  If you’ve had poor dental health, then an emergency dentist might find something that is causing the problem.

If, however, you’ve had great dental health up until this point, then it is likely the stress of your audition is the cause of the pain.  In your anxiety, it’s possible that you’ve been clenching your jaw all night. This would cause the type of pain you’re experiencing.

If that is the case, you can take some anti-inflammatories to help you get through your audition.

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