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Fixing a large gap

I have a gap between my two front teeth that his about 10 mm. I’ve already been told I am not a candidate for Snap-on Smile, so my next route is to get Lumineers. I know I should probably get braces, but I’m 42 and would just feel silly wearing them. Am I going to have the same candidate problem with Lumieers that I did with snap-on smile?

Jerry R.- Utah


You didn’t say why you were not a candidate for Snap-on Smile, so I don’t know how to comment on whether you’d have the same problem with the Lumineers. However, I do want to recommend you NOT get Lumineers to solve this problem. 10 mm is a huge gap. That is big enough to put another tooth in. I think you’d be unhappy with the results of the Lumineers.

I know you said you didn’t want to wear braces, but have you considered Invisalign? They truly are invisible so none of your friends would know you were wearing them. As an added bonus they straighten your teeth a lot faster than traditional braces do. This could close your gap, without you having to try to manipulate covering the space of an extra tooth.

Hope I’ve helped.

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