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Father knocked out my teeth

My dad knocked out some of my teeth.  He used to hit my mom and I would hide, but this time I tried to stop him.  When he did that, my mom had him arrested. Since then, she’s had a hard time affording stuff, so I don’t want to bother her about my teeth, but it is embarassing. The other kids at school are calling me a hill billy.  I hear her crying every night, so I can’t bring it up.  Can you tell me how much it would cost to get new teeth?

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You’ve been through some horrible experiences. I’m very sorry.  It can be quite expensive to have teeth replaced.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t hope.  Some dentists work hard to offer affordable dentistry, especially to people in your situation.

In fact, there is a group of dentists who volunteer their time specifically for situations like yours.  I’d contact Give Back A Smile.  They work with people who’ve suffered domestic abuse in order to help repair their smiles.

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