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Do I need to switch dentists to get a CEREC crown?

My sister says CEREC crowns are superior to other types of dental crowns. My dentist says he doesn’t do CEREC crowns. Do I need to switch dentists? Are they that superior? I’ve always felt satisfied with my denitst before.

Alamander O. – Florida


I don’t think getting or not getting a CEREC crown is something to switch dentists over, especially if you’ve been happy with your dentist’s work in general. The only immediate benefit to getting a CEREC crown is you save yourself an appointment.  CEREC crowns do not have to be sent off to a lab for completion. Instead, it is milled in-house by a computer, so you get your dental crown in just one appointment.

If you’re happy with  your dentist, I’m assuming that means either a) he’s both skilled and artistic. That is what will matter when it comes to deciding about what dentist does your crown.

If he does a great job and you have always felt that your dental work looked natural, then I think it would be a mistake to switch. You could ask your dentist if he’s every going to get  a machine that mills CEREC crowns, but don’t make that your priority.

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