Dental procedure for alzheimer patient

My mother has alzheimers. She can be quite difficult at times.  Today she was screaming about her mouth hurting. When I finally got her asleep, I peeked inside her mouth.  There is a huge cavity and what looks like an abscess based on what I infer from the articles I looked up online. I know she needs to see a dentist, but I have no idea how to actually get her to let the dentist treat her.  Are there dentists who specialize in alzheimer patients?

Amy S. – Boston


There isn’t a specialization for alzheimer patients, but many dentist have treated them.  If I were in your position, I would go to a dentist who does with care all the sedation dentistry.  That can make the appointment trouble free for you, your mother, and the dentist.

There are different levels of sedation. Not all dentists who use sedation use all the types, so you’ll have to call around.  My suggestion would be to find someone who uses oral conscious sedation.  It’s a lot stronger than nitrous oxide.

You’ll give her a pill before her appointment and she’ll be completely relaxed. I mean completely relaxed.  Even people without alzheimers often don’t even remember the procedure.

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