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Crowns without a temporary

I needed to get a dental crown. My temporary crown has fallen off. Of course, my know it all sister told me if I’d have gotten a cerec crown I wouldn’t have needed a temporary to begin with.  I’m sure she’d correct (she always seems to be), but can you tell me what this cerec thing is?

Nate- Boston


I have a sister like that. As much as I hate to tell you this, she is right. CEREC crowns are milled at your appointment by a computer. They’re generally ready in about twenty minutes.

Because they’re done by computer, they generally will fit better as well.  You’ll have to find a dentist who uses CEREC technology.

Hopefully, your current dentist took care of your temporary crown.  You don’t want to leave that off because it can throw off your bite and your permanent crown won’t fit.

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