Crown keeps falling off

I had an all porcelain crown placed about five years ago. Since then it has fallen out at least three times, that I can recall. My dentist has always re-cemented them for free. However, this last time, I didn’t realize it had fallen out while I was eating. I bit down again and shattered most of it.  Because he has to make a new crown now, he wants to charge me an additional $1400.00. Is it common for crowns to fall out this much? I wondered if it was because I got a CEREC porcelain crown.

Susan- Lehi, Utah


No, it is not normal for CEREC crowns to fall out. In fact, if they’re done correctly, they will never fall out. You said your dentist keeps cementing the crown. If he did an all porcelain CEREC crown, then he should have bonded the crown instead of cemented it. Maybe that is what you meant and you didn’t know there was a difference.

One of the things that holds crowns is the parallelism of the way the tooth is prepared. The more parallel the tooth is prepared, the stronger the retention. However, it doesn’t take much retention in their design if they are bonded in properly.

My suspicion is your dentist doesn’t have sufficient training in the bonding procedure and that is why your crown keeps falling out.

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