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Regular Dental Checkups: The Key to Optimal Oral Health in Gilbert Arizona

Do you avoid regular dental checkups like thousands of other people in the United States? I know it may seem like a lot, but regular dental checkups are important for your teeth and gums’ health. I have seen many people who haven’t been to the dentist in years just because they don’t have enough time […]

Prevent Dental Issues in Gilbert Arizona: Tips from Your Local Dentist

Did you know there are 20 billion bacteria living inside your mouth that reproduce every 5 hours? Most importantly, when you don’t brush your teeth, these harmful bacteria multiply to become 100 billion within hours. Unfortunately, these bacteria build up as plaque and cause tooth decay and several other gum diseases. If you want to […]

Are All Dentists Sadists?

I am just going to be blunt. I have never had a pleasant dental experience. Here is the pattern. I go in. I get tortured and even have blood all over my dental bib. Not even numbing medication helps. I am too disgusted to go back again for a while and put it off. Then, […]

Will Dental Implants Trigger My Allergies?

Hello there, I am interested in dental implants to restore my smile. The years have not been easy on my teeth. While a dental implant is a little outside my price range at the moment, I have a more pressing concern. I have a severe allergy to metal. I cannot even wear metallic accessories or […]

My Child’s Orthodontist and General Dentist are Giving Conflicting Advice

Hi, My daughter is missing one of her upper teeth. The orthodontist left a space for an implant when she’s older. In the meantime, our options were a retainer made by the orthodontist or a Maryland Bridge made by our general dentist. However, the Maryland Bridge keeps falling out. He offered to remake it with […]

Can anything help my husband’s bad breath?

My husband has bad breath. I don’t know what it is, but I’m embarrassed for him. It wasn’t so bad when we were first married, but it has kind of gotten worse. He doesn’t have terrible oral hygiene so I don’t know what changed. I’m wondering what the best kind of mints or gum are for […]