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Prevent Dental Issues in Gilbert Arizona: Tips from Your Local Dentist

Did you know there are 20 billion bacteria living inside your mouth that reproduce every 5 hours? Most importantly, when you don’t brush your teeth, these harmful bacteria multiply to become 100 billion within hours. Unfortunately, these bacteria build up as plaque and cause tooth decay and several other gum diseases. If you want to […]

How Much is Too Much Dental Work to Get at One Time?

Hello, My dentist recommended I get a lot of dental work – both cosmetic and general work. I need some cavities filled, one tooth filed down, and several root canals done. I’d also like to get my teeth whitened at this time. Can I get all of this done at once? Or will it take […]

My Child’s Orthodontist and General Dentist are Giving Conflicting Advice

Hi, My daughter is missing one of her upper teeth. The orthodontist left a space for an implant when she’s older. In the meantime, our options were a retainer made by the orthodontist or a Maryland Bridge made by our general dentist. However, the Maryland Bridge keeps falling out. He offered to remake it with […]

Do I Need a Special Dentist for Invisalign?

I want to get my teeth straightened with Invisalign. Do I go to a special dentist like an orthodontist or cosmetic dentist or will my regular dentist do? Charles I. Dear Charles, There are certain things which require a specialist, but Invisalign isn’t one of them. In fact, not even cosmetic dentistry is a recognized […]