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Going to a sedation dentist because of anxiety is giving me anxiety!

I really don’t like the dentist, like really, really don’t like going to the dentist. My mom has suggested that I find a sedation dentist, but the thought of going to a dentist appointment and sleeping through the whole thing while a dentist I don’t know is working in my mouth is almost as scary […]

How long will I sleep after sedation at the dentist?

I hate going to the dentist. I haven’t had any one particular bad experience, but I get anxious just thinking about going. My fear of getting cavities is what has kept me going in for my cleanings every six months. Unfortunately, when I went in this week for my cleaning, they found a cavity I […]

I’m too scared to go to the dentist

I know I need to go to the dentist, but every time I think about scheduling an appointment, I start shaking. My last appointment was like a medieval torture session. Is there something I can take to make this hurt less without interfering with the local? Deidre K. – Pasadena, CA Deidre, I’m sorry your […]