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Gum bump with puss

Below my gum there is a pimple kind of bump with puss in it. What should I do?

Kevin J. from Philadelphia


It sounds like you have a fistula. You may have an abscessed tooth. It is common for people to have a tooth infection without realizing it because the infection is draining in the mouth and there is little or no pain coming from the tooth. Sometimes you’ll have pain upon chewing, a mild ache, or sensitivity to hot/cold temperatures, but not always. I advise you go see your dentist. He can evaluate whether your tooth is infected. If it is, you’ll need antibiotics, a root canal, and a dental crown. At our office we can do one appointment CEREC crowns.

Sometimes you can have an infected tooth that causes a lot of pain. If that happens to you, it is perfectly acceptable to get a same day appointment with an emergency dentist. They’ll be able to get you out of pain right then, but may need to schedule the permanent fix for a later date.

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