Am I a Baby or is Toothache an Emergency?

I feel like such a baby. My tooth really hurts. Like excruciating hurts. My dentist just said to schedule an appointment, but I can’t take this. Am I a baby or is this more of a see me now kind of thing?

Beth C. – New Hampshire


If you’re in that much pain, your dentist needs to see you. If he’s unwilling to see you, which is what it sounds like, you need another dentist.

There is a solution.  My suggestions would be to see an emergency dentist. They’ll see you the same day, in most cases. They can get you out of pain , while you schedule a follow up appointment with your dentist or with a different dentist (which would be my suggestion).

Just don’t put it off out of frustration. You want to  make sure this is dealt with because it is likely a tooth infection.

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Scared of Sedation Because of News Stories

I finally talked myself into going to the dentist by using sedation (It will be my first time in sixteen years) and now I keep seeing all these news stories about patients being sexually assaulted.  Now I’m afraid to go.

Cyndy M. – New Jersey


I understand you’re frightened. These type of stories are very scary.  Though it may not mean much to you now, I will tell you that these type cases are very rare. Most dentists ( and their staff) went into the field in orderto help people. They have no interest in doing harm.

Sedation is a great way to get your dental care done, pain free, especially  if you have dental anxiety. Generally, dentists have someone else in the room with them during sedation for their own protection. That way they can’t be accused of anything.

However, one thing you can do to put your mind at ease is to bring a friend.  Talk to the dentist about your concern. They’ll likely be able to accomdate your friend to be there with you.

This blog is brought to you by Gilbert Dentist Dr. Matt Roper.