Will insurance cover sedation dentistry?

I haven’t been to a dentist’s office in a while because of finances.  My husband had been out of work for three years.  He got a new job and they actually have dental insurance. I have some dental anxiety. I’m sure the appointment will be even worse than I remember, becuase of how long I’ve been away.  I don’t see sedation dentists listed.  Does insurance cover sedation dentistry?

Melissa H. – Ft. Worth, TX


Congratulations on your husband’s job!  I know that must be a relief and hopefully take some pressure off of you.  I think the confusion lies in the way you’re looking. There isn’t a sedation dentistry specialist.  In fact, most dentists practice some form of sedation dentistry.

Dental insurance will normally cover the basic procedure.  At least some of the cost for sedation will have to come out of pocket, but it is totally worth it.  Your dentist can help you navigate how to get the most out of your insurance.

You’ll find sedation will allow you to get a lot more work done in each appointment, which will save you money in the long run with fewer appointments.

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Are affordable dental implants equally good?

There are several dentists in my area that do dental implants. One of them is way more affordable than the others. I mean seriously more affordable. I was about to take the plunge, but decided I should get an opinon from a dentist out of my area first.

Lisa A. – Maine


When you talk about affordable dentistry, there is a difference between affordable and cheap.  Some dentists find legiitimate ways to make their dental implants more affordable. Maybe they cut their profit. Maybe they use mini implants or have exceptionally affordable payment plans.

Unfortunately some dentists try a different route for “affordability”.  They don’t want to cut their profit margin, so they cheat on quality. They’ll use materials that are of a lower quality.  While it may save you money on the short term, it may also end up costing you a fortune.  Dental implant failure is real. Some result in serious infections or bone loss.

Check their implant qualifications before you move forward.

This blog is brought to you by Gilbert Dentist Dr. Matt Roper.