Can’t afford a dentist and now I have an emergency

I haven’t been able to afford a dentist in a while. Now I’ve got a loose tooth. I don’t recall getting hit, but it worries me that this tooth might fall out. What do I do?

Drew O. – Cleveland


I’m sorry for the situation you’re in. I have a strong suspicion that your tooth is loose because of gum disease. If you don’t have tooth trauma, but have loose teeth, your gums are often the culprit.

I’m assuming you don’t have a dentist, however you need to get this looked at as soon as possible.

There are emergency dentists who will see you and understand your financial situation. Some of them have interest free payment plans. Others will just charge you what you can afford.

The key is to be honest with them. But, don’t put this off. This won’t be the only tooth you’ll lose.

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Can CEREC crowns be made to look like vampire teeth?

My girlfriend is a huge fan of Twilight.  I’m going to propose to her despite this one very obvious fault.  As a sign of my undying (get it?) devotion, I want to get crowns put on my teeth that look like vampire teeth. Will CEREC crowns do this? I want to spend as little time as possible on this.

Cedric B. – Cape Cod


That is devotion. While CEREC crowns can do this, you want to think about whether you want to permanently change the shape of your natural tooth. In order to have a a crown put on, your natural tooth has to be ground down in order to fit the crown.

If you’ve already got a crown on that tooth and are wanting another one placed instead, that should be fine. I will tell you most dentists are not comfortable placing permanent vampire teeth. You might get them to give you a temporary crown, but that is it.

If you don’t have a crown on that tooth, there are other ways to get the vampire shape, such as bonding, that won’t require such a drastic change to your teeth.

This blog is brought to you by Gilbert Dentist Dr. Matt Roper.