Store bought fillings

About a year ago I saw some store bought fillings at the pharmacy. I filed it away for future reference. Last night, one of my fillings fell out. I’m trying to leave town to pick up my son from college and don’t have time for a dental appointment. Can I just use the stuff from the store?

Amanda L. – Iowa


If at all possible I’d call an emergency dentist and see if he can fit you in right now.  Sometimes they can.  If not, you can use the store bought filling, but not for more than a day or two at the most.

It doesn’t do what a real filling will do. Plus, there is an underlying issue that has caused your filling to fail. That needs to be dealt with or you could end up with a more serious situation.

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Will I save money with a CEREC crown?

Is it cheaper to get a CEREC crown over a porcelain one?

Amanda B. – McClean, VA


CEREC crowns are also porcelain crowns, they’re just milled by a machine instead of a lab.

They’re not necessarily cheaper or more expensive than traditional porcelain crowns. It depends on the dentist what the cost is.

What you will save is time, which as the saying goes, “Time is Money”.  You can get your crown in one appointment instead of two, which means you won’t have to go back into the dental office missing an additional day of work.

This blog is brought to you by Gilbert Dentist Dr. Matt Roper.