Crown won’t stay in

My permanent crown has fallen off three times.  My dentist can’t figure out what is going wrong. Do you have an idea?

Drew B. – MN


I have some idea. I think your dentist doesn’t know how to bond them on properly.  If you use the proper bonding technique, then the crowns do not fall off. It is as simple as that.  You telling me that it has fallen out three times, really makes me think your dentist hasn’t a clue what he or she is doing. I’m not exaggerating. I know dentists who’ve been in business for over thirty years whom have never had a crown fall out.  In fact, I don’t know a dentist who has had a crown fall out.

I think you need a second opinion.  Go to a different dentist. Ask them if anything is wrong with your crown. If not, they can just bond it on for you, no problem. If there is something wrong with the crown as well, then I would see if they could make you a CEREC crown. This will save you an additional appointment, especially if you had to drive a distance for the second opinion. CEREC machines can mill your crown the same day as your appointment. There is no need for a temporary crown.

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Am I too old to have my wisdom teeth removed?

I have a wisdom tooth that is really bothering me, but I am 33 years old and am a little concerned that I might be too old to have it removed. Is there much risk of complication at my age? Also, should I just have all of them removed or just wait until they bother me?

Rory Ann- Michigan

Rory Ann,

I don’t really get too concerned about complication until someone is 40. You’re young enough still where I think you can safely do this procedure.

If your wisdom tooth is bothering you, then there really isn’t much choice but to remove it anyway. Leaving a wisdom tooth infection is extremely dangerous. It can spread to your jawbone, even your brain. You want to get it removed as soon as possible.

I like the idea of you getting all of them out at the same time.  It’s no harder on your recovery and it is safer than waiting until they bother you.  That might not happen until you are over the age of 40, when complication, including your jaw breaking are more likely.

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