Can’t afford tooth extraction

I have an infected wisdom tooth that really needs to be extracted, but I just don’t have the money. I’m worried the infection is spreading. I’ve now got pressure along my left cheek bone leading up to my eye.  Should I see if my doctor would be willing to write me an antibiotic prescription without my coming in? My dentist won’t do it.

Brandon W.- Athens, GA


There is a  reason your dentist won’t write you a prescription, but it sounds like he didn’t explain it to you. Antibiotics will not get rid of your infection. They will merely hold the infection temporarily, but it will continue and then will be more resistant to the medicine. The reason antibiotics don’t work is they cannot get to the source of the infection.

You need a dentist to do that. If you leave the infection, it will continue to spread.  What will you do if it gets to your brain?

You’re in need of some affordable dental treatment. My recomendation to you is that you call around and explain your situation. You will probably find a dentist who is willing to work with you.  Most dentists have payment plan options. Our office even has an in-office dental plan. This will allow you to pay the fee over time.  Some are low and even no-interest plans.

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Can’t drink hot chocolate-my tooth hurts

We’ve finally gotten to the cold weather and my tooth hurts like crazy. I can’t even drink my coveted hot chocolate. Is there anything I can do to get rid of this pain?

Sara G. – Utah


When your tooth is sensitive to heat, it means the pulp inside your tooth is so inflamed that it is about to die.  This is something that needs treatment fairly quickly.  You’ll need a root canal treatment and a dental crown.

You’ll want to get seen before any infection spreads elsewhere in your body.  Explain to your dentist what is happening. If you’re still haveing trouble getting in quickly, there are dentists that will see you the same day in those situations. Just tell them what is going on and they will fit you in.

Don’t put this off. I want to reiterate that it is important to deal with this before things get worse.

This blog is brought to you by Gilbert, AZ Dentist Dr. Matt Roper.