Supersmile Toothpaste

Is it safe to clean my porcelain veneers with supersmile toothpaste?

Deni R. -Rhode Island


Yes, in fact, supersmile toothpaste is designed for porcelain veneers and other kinds of dental work. This is a great way to maintain the brightness of your smile, because it dissolves the protein pellicle that your teeth stains will attach to.

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Concerned about Dry Socket

I had a molar removed today. They told me about dry socket. I needed to take some medication, so ate a small bit of food. Some of it got trapped, so I gently cleaned it out. Now there is a gaping hole. Does this mean I have dry socket? Benjamin H.- from Salt Lake City Benjamin, The clot being gone is a symptom of dry socket and not the cause. We used to think the removal of the blood clot was an affect, but not we know the real problem comes from bone damage done during surgery. Just make sure that messing with the site didn’t cause too much bleeding, and you should be fine. If it does begin to bleed too much contact your dentist’s office. If you can’t reach him, look for an emergency dentist in your area.

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