How dangerous is an infected tooth?

So here’s the deal… I think I have a broken molar. It’s way in the back right next to the spot where my wisdom tooth used to be. I have very painful sensations in my cheek and jaw and up into my sinuses. Now the pain has radiated to my head, ear, and even into my neck. The best way to describe it is that the pain starts in my ear and moves all the way around into my neck.

Do you think this is a dental emergency? I don’t have dental insurance and don’t have the money for a tooth extraction? It may not be the tooth at all and maybe is more related to my sinuses. Can you tell me if I’m in any danger or give me an idea of what is going on?

– Cindy in Georgia


What you have described sounds very dangerous. It sounds like you have a tooth infection from the broken tooth. And now it is spreading which will continue if you don’t get it taken care of as soon as possible.

You may check with a local hospital or dental agency to see if they will help you out. Many areas will treat residents that need serious procedures done. Keep calling around and if you can’t find someone to help, just go to the emergency room. They will be able to help you temporarily.

Antibiotics is important to treat the infection. But most importantly you need to have the tooth taken out or repaired so the you don’t build up resistance to the antibiotic. If you only take the antibiotic and don’t take care of the tooth, you risk a more serious problem than you already have. The reason for this is that the medication will not get inside the infected tooth. What needs to be done is a tooth extraction or root canal treatment.

Act soon before it gets worse!

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Flouride stains on teeth

My little boy has spots on his teeth. They are brown in color and are from fluoride. He has had his teeth bleached by a local dentist to try and get rid of them. But it did not work. The brown stains are still there. Now the dentist is recommending porcelain veneers. Can you tell me how much more expensive veneers are than dental bonding?

– Laura from Florida


Unfortunately, I think it’s time to find a new dentist. Brown fluoride stains will not be remedied by teeth whitening or bleaching, which you are now aware of.

Dental bonding is a possibility. But it all depends on how bad the staining is. It is imperative that you research an expert cosmetic dentist. Tooth bonding takes artistic talent and not every dentist can do it well.

Porcelain veneers tend to be a more expensive treatment but will give the best results. Pricing varies from dentist to dentist, so you will have to discuss cost comparison with the dentist you choose. Again, I would urge you to have a consultation with a cosmetic dentist that has trained with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. An AACD dentist should be able to provide you with the best recommendation and cost based on your specific circumstance.

This post is sponsored by Gilbert dentist Vista Dorada Dental.