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Are there good affordable dentists?

I went to a new dentist who had much cheaper prices than some of the others in my area. I found out quickly why his prices were so much less. He had terrible hygiene and equally terrible personality.  I didn’t know if his odor or his breath. Is there a way to get an affordable dentist that doesn’t smell like bathing is optional?

Kelly K. – California


Wow.  I’m hoping his clinical cleanliness isn’t as bad as his personal hygiene.  Don’t despair.  There are plenty of affordable dentists around that know how to regularly brush their teeth.

You want to distinguish between an affordable dentist and a cheap dentist.  An affordable dentist does quality work and finds ways to make the procedures do-able on a budget.

A cheap dentist is generally either unskilled and needs to lower his prices to draw people in, or he has low prices because he uses poor quality materials in order to lower his bottom line.  Either way, you won’t like it.

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